The Griffin Tulfes Märchenwanderung.

A Fairy Tale Hike in Tulfes

Once a year, the woods above Tulfes in Austria become a magical world where fairy tales come alive. On this day, it is not uncommon to hear children’s laughter ring out among the trees as […]

Trolleys outside Austrian supermarkets.

A Survival Guide for Austrian Supermarkets

Why do you need a survival guide for Austrian supermarkets? It’s shopping, and shopping should be fun, right? Wrong. Anyway, if you’re a South African in Austria. The South African Experience To help you understand […]

Karin Robertson next to the Achensee.

A Kiwi with Many Footprints in Tyrol

Eight countries bordering Austria = eight half marathons. I would never have made this equation, but Karin Robertson did. In fact, she went a step further and decided to complete said number of half marathons […]