Trolleys outside Austrian supermarkets.
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A traveller’s guide to Austrian supermarkets

“Austrian supermarkets aren’t very exciting,” I heard a traveller remark the other day. I guess that depends on what you’re used to at home. Visiting the local supermarkets is one of my favourite things to […]

Salmong trout fillet with white wine risotto from Martin's Bistro.
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Fine dining at Martin’s Bistro in Achenkirch

We are used to traditional Austrian food served in the villages of Tyrol. When a tourism officer in Achenkirch, a small municipality on the shores of Lake Achen (Achensee), recommended Martin’s Bistro we expected nothing less. We […]

Lamb chops from Posidonas Greek restaurant in Innsbruck.
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5 Favourite Innsbruck Restaurants for Families

Innsbruck Restaurants have changed quite a bit since we arrived in 2010. As meat-eating South Africans, we often crave a good hamburger but they were weirdly absent from restaurant menus. Thank goodness, the humble meat […]