Freelance journalist, mom, traveller, photographer, blogger, wife. And lover of all things Tyrolean after moving to Austria in 2010. Before that, I spent 16 years writing about murder and mayhem in South Africa.

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Best Things About Living in Tyrol and Austria

  • To arrive at an “Alm” or mountain hut after a long hike, order a beer, and enjoy it while soaking up the sun and appreciating the views.
  • Joining the locals in traditional festivities on an Austrian village square.
  • Escaping mass tourism even when visiting bigger Austrian cities like Vienna or Salzburg.
  • Having a choice of ski resorts on our doorstep to make the best of the incredible nature year-round.

What Travel Tyrol Can Do For You

  • Tell you which hikes will take you to that Alm for a well-deserved beer.
  • Give you a better insight into Austrian and Tyrolean culture.
  • Highlight the tourist attractions worth visiting, both on and off the beaten path.
  • Provide detailed ski resort guides based on hard-earned experience.

What You Can Do For Travel Tyrol

I love writing valuable blog posts and dishing out advice about Austria. It’s my way to help others have the same amazing experiences as we’re having in our adopted country.

If you’re planning a trip to Tyrol and Austria, you’ll be considering where to stay and what to do. For this reason, some of my posts include links to hotels or tours and activities. These are affiliate links, meaning I get a small commission (at no additional cost to you) if you book your hotel or activity through them.

PS: No hard feelings if you don’t use any of these links. I love that you’re reading my blog either way.

Happy reading… and happy travels!


Claim to Fame

As a news reporter in South Africa, I rubbed shoulders with many famous (and infamous) people. The biggest highlight of course being in the presence of the great Nelson Mandela. I saw him mesmerize the widows of apartheid-era leaders with his unique charm during a historic tea party at his presidential home. Not to mention his mesmerizing effect on me and my colleagues…

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