The Mieders Alpine coaster – fast like a lightning bolt

Plus other attractions of the Serlesbahnen

The Mieders Alpine coaster or summer toboggan run is one of the top mountain attractions in the Innsbruck region. You will understand why once you’ve blitzed down the 2,8km track for the first time. Which is why I’m starting with a tip: Never buy only one ticket and end up paying double if you want to go again! Read all about the pricing structure and the other (free) mountain attractions of the Serlesbahnen in Mieders.

Start of Mieders Alpine coaster.
The Mieders Alpine coaster makes its way over a pasture close to the start of the track.

With a difference in altitude of 640m, the Mieders Alpine coaster is probably the steepest of its kind in the world. No wonder you can reach speeds of up to 42km/h while navigating your way around 40 bends.

The Serlesblitz, as it is also called, starts at the Koppeneck mountain station of the Serlesbahnen (the cableway in Mieders in the Stubai Valley) and ends at the valley station. The track winds its way through the trees and over the cableway clearing. To get to the top, you must either walk or take the cable car. Naturally, most people opt for the quicker, easier way.

The coaster cars are easy to handle. All you must do is hold on to the brake lever between your legs and pull it back when it feels like you’re on a runaway train. There are also a few signs urging you to brake next to steep parts.

Going around a corner of the Mieders Alpine coaster.
Hold on to the break handle, but use it sparingly!

Children riding on their own (Mattheus did his first solo ride at 7) sit on a special cushion to make them more secure if they are small in stature. Small kids ride in the same car with an adult. You can also ask for two cars to be joined, with the more experienced driver sitting in front.  And of course, everyone must buckle up.

Fun on the Mieders Alpine Coaster.
Fun is guaranteed on the Serlesblitz.

The worst thing that can happen to you on the Alpine coaster? To have a slow coach in front keeping you up when you are pretending you have no brakes. For this reason, leave enough room between you and the next person when you start.

Prices and Opening Times

The more you ride, the cheaper it gets. The fee structure looks complicated at first, with different discounts applying for families and the holders of the Freizeitticket Tirol and the Stubai Card. Children are divided into 4 different age groups, with those under 6 riding for free.

Here are a few basic prices (without discounts) to give you an idea what to expect.

1 x cable car + Alpine coaster = €14,30 per adult and €5,80 per child (6-9 years)

3 x cable car + Alpine coaster = €34,40 per adult and €21,20 per child (10-14 years)

Find the complete list of prices here.

Opening times – 09:00 to 17:00 from Monday to Friday, and till 18:00 over weekends during the peak season. More details and dates are available here.

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Water Fun

If you think the ride up and down the mountain is a bit pricey, there is more value for your money at the Koppeneck mountain station in the form of the Serlesseen and Serleswasser. These are some man-made lakes with a variety of water play features. While the kids try out all the fun activities, the adults can enjoy some quiet moments on a picnic blanket or stroll around the bigger lake in the shadow of the Serles mountain.

Serles mountain from Koppeneck mountain station.
The Serles mountain, an intimidating but beautiful presence, reflects in one of the man-made lakes.

Serleswasser is a relatively new summer attraction of the Serlesbahnen. It includes a wooden water canal system, a giant sandpit with jungle gym, and a wooden float that can be pulled across one of the lakes. The attractions are free to enjoy by all, but take heed of the general rules and regulations posted at the gates. For example, proper swimming isn’t allowed even if it is a water attraction and most children get partly or thoroughly wet.

Crossing the lake at Serlesseen on a wooden float.
Crossing the lake on a wooden float.
Water play at the Serlesbahnen.
Small children love the wooden water canal system at Serles Wasser.

Hiking, Eating and Drinking

The Koppeneck mountain station is a good starting point for a few short and easy hikes. Those to mountain huts or restaurants are very popular.

Almgasthof Hochserles – Right next to the Koppeneck mountain station. There is a nice outside seating area overlooking a playpark with swings and slides for the kids.

Ochsenhütte – A traditional mountain hut restaurant, only a short walk (about 30 minutes) to the left of the Koppeneck mountain station. It also has a children’s play area.

Maria Waldrast – The one-hour hike to Europe’s highest functioning monastery, Kloster Maria Waldrast, is perhaps the most popular. It is also possible to sleep here.

Alpengasthof Sonnenstein – This mountain restaurant is a 45-minute downhill walk from the Koppeneck mountain station.

You can also take your own picnic basket and enjoy it next to one of the lakes.

Picnic next to Serles lake.
A picnic next to one of the man-made lakes means more time to play for the kids.


The good news for those with small children or elderly parents is that a “train” now runs between Koppeneck and Maria Waldrast. The Serleszug is pulled by a tractor and departs on its scenic route 6 x daily between July and September. It also stops at the Ochsenhütte.

Serleszug to Maria Waldrast.
The Serles train leaves the Koppeneck mountain station for the Maria Waldrast monastery.

Short Facts About the Mieders Alpine Coaster

  • The German word for Alpine coaster is Sommerrodelbahn. Officially, the Mieders Alpine coaster is called the Serlesblitz (Serles lightning bolt).
  • If you like the idea of cows and the sound of their bells in an Alpine pasture, this is the place to find them. They were all around the Serlesseen on the day of our last visit.
Alpine cow at Mieders Alpine Coaster.
Alpine cows are generally peace loving, but never go too close – especially with a dog or when there are mothers with calves.
  • You are not allowed to take pictures while riding the Mieders alpine coaster. An action camera tied around your stomach or head is the best solution to film your ride.
  • The Alpine coaster shuts down if there is the slightest chance of rain. The kids were very disappointed when they missed their third turn because of a looming shower. They had to take the cable car down, but were given a complimentary ticket each.
  • The above information only applies to the summer months, roughly from May to October. In winter, the Serlesbahnen is a ski resort. Please double check the opening status, especially in May and October, on the official websites of the different attractions and restaurants.

Getting There

By car Take the A13 Brenner Motorway from Innsbruck. After crossing the Europa Bridge, take the Schönberg exit into the Stubai Valley. A toll fee of €3 is charged at a toll gate just after the exit. You can pay cash or by credit card. Parking at the cable car station is free.
By bus –  Take Bus 590 from the Innsbruck main train station and get off at Mieders Serlesbahnen. The journey takes around 23 minutes. Find the bus schedule here.
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The Wanderer

Such beautiful pictures. Looks like a fun place to visit.

Gokul Raj

This would be so much fun. I have seen the Youtube videos of this coaster and seems to be quite thrilling.

Lydia Smith

Kid will be so happy when I bring him along to this place. He had always wanted to be my traveling guardian but his age makes me worried when it comes to traveling because I don’t want him bored. With the fun promised by Mieders Alpine Coaster, I’d try this place out with him on my 10-days Austria visit.

Jo Amos

That alpine coaster looks like serious fun. And what a landscape – I’d love to walk around there. It must be full of incredible wildlife!

Marcus and Mel

We love Austria and have been in the summer and winter. This looks really good fun, will have to be the 3 rides for us!

J Harvey

Looks like a really fun region and those children seem to having a great time!

Megan Jerrard

What an awesome place to visit for a family trip, your kids look like they’re having so much fun! The Innsbruck region is one of those on my bucketlist for the incredible natural scenery, though I’m a kid at heart so would love to jump on the alpine coaster while there – thanks for sharing your tips!


Cool toboggan! I have never been to Innsbruck but is surely on my bucket list. And I would probably get down and just want to go again as you said… 🙂 Thanks!

Paige W

The alpine coaster seems like a lot of fun! A town near us has a couple of them, but they’re quite expensive! This looks like a great place to take with kids. I would’ve loved the wooden float as a kiddo.


There is a something like that in Zakopane, Poland that I have tried fewyeas ago. I only remember being so scared how fast it can go. I mean the views were amazing so I forget about being scared but still
It reminds me all the time of my favorite movie “Cool Runnings” 🙂
This is definitely a place where you can take your family to spend a nice time 🙂