How to Hike the Geisterklamm for a Ghostly Walk from Austria to Germany

A fascinating nature experience for old and young

Geisterklamm literally means gorge of the ghosts. But don´t worry, the only scary thing about hiking the Geisterklamm is crossing the bridges where the Leutascher Ache (name of the river) flows up to 75 metres below. Hikers have been walking in the beautiful gorge since 1880.

The colour of the water, the rocks and the vegetation in the Leutascher Geisterklamm represent nature at its best.

Geisterklamm Hike Basics
Total distance+/- 7 km round tour
Start/endLeutasch Shanz / Mittenwald
Duration2 hours
Elevation gain+/- 134 m

4 Good Reasons to Hike the Geisterklamm

  • A steel walkway and bridges of almost 1 km long where the gorge is at its deepest lets you enjoy the best possible views of the natural spectacle.
  • The thrill of crossing an international border and taking a picture standing with one foot in Austria and the other in Germany.
  • A mysterious and secluded waterfall trail leading to a waterfall that crashes down 23 metres.
  • Interesting activities and information about ghosts, goblins, and glaciers on stretches of the trail.

The Trail

The Leutasch Geisterklamm trail is split up into two circular routes that can be hiked separately or together.

Trail plan of Leutascher Geisterklamm.
A plan courtesy of of the Klammgeistweg and Koboldpfad.

Ghost Trail

The Klammgeistweg or ghost trail, which includes the steel walkway of 1 km, is around 3 km in total. It starts in the woods at the parking area on the Leutasch side of the gorge in Austria.

Information boards with “ghostly” details about the “mysteries” of the gorge provide opportunities for rest along the way. There are also activities such as playing on wind chimes and listening to the sounds of the “ghosts” to keep kids entertained.

Geisterklamm trail
The sturdy steel walkways help to keep a fear of heights at bay.

Goblin Trail

The Koboldpfad or goblin trail starts at the kiosk on the Mittenwald side of the Geisterklamm in Germany. It is almost 2 km long. Along this route, you will find lots of information on the rock formations and the glaciers that formed the gorge during the ice age.

At the start (or end) of the goblin trail, you can also walk to the waterfall. An entrance fee of €1,80 per adult and €0,90 per child is charged to walk along the 200 m-walkway. It´s definitely worth it for the experience of getting closer to the mighty waters of the gorge and watch the fish that are clearly visible in the water.

Difficulty and Time

Walking both trails as well as the waterfall walkway adds up to around 7 km in total. It can easily be done in 2 hours, but I would plan for about 4 hours for a leisurely walk, taking in all the sights and information, and stopping for refreshments.

If you start on the Leutasch side, it is mostly downhill and level walking except for the first part of the goblin trail.

Eating and Drinking

There are a number of traditional restaurants or kiosks along or near the Geisterklamm hiking trails.

  • Kiosk near the waterfall and the start of the goblin trail on the Mittenwald side.
  • Gasthaus Gletscherschliff along the goblin trail.
  • Kiosk next to the parking area at the entrance to the ghost trail on the Leutasch side.
  • Take a detour to the well-known Berggasthaus Ederkanzel, where the indoor dining area is in Germany and the outside terrace is in Austria. From here, you have magnificent views into three different valleys.
Gasthof Gletscherschliff
Gasthof Gletscherschliff is conveniently located on the circular hike around the Geisterklamm.

Getting There

By car, it is easiest to drive through Leutasch to the entrance of the ghost trail, where parking is available. A parking fee of €5 is charged. From Germany, you can park somewhere in Mittenwald and then walk from there (about 30 minutes) to the start of the goblin trail.

You can also take a bus or train to Mittenwald before starting your hike there. I tried to confirm a bus route and timetable from Seefeld to the Leutasch entrance, but was unsuccessful.

Tips and Important Information

  • The trails are not suitable for dogs, pushchairs, wheel chairs or bicycles.
  • The ghost and goblin trails are open all year round, except in snowy and icy winter conditions. Sometimes the waterfall walkway is closed when the other trails are open.

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