Innsbruck Card Review: Itineraries to Help You Save Money

How to easily save up to €100

[Updated July 2022]

The Innsbruck Card is one of the best value for money tourist cards I have come across. Not only does it include the popular, but pricey, Nordkette cable car, but also the Swarovski Crystal Worlds and a number of worthwhile museums. This guide will help you decide whether you need the Innsbruck Card, how to get your money’s worth, and what itineraries to consider.

Innsbruck Austria
View down Maria Theresa Street toward the Golden Roof and Nordkette.

Innsbruck Card Price Overview

PeriodAdultChild 5-16 yrs
24 hours€53,00€26,50
48 hours€63,00€31,50
72 hours€73,00€36,50

Unlike many other city cards, the Innsbruck Card is valid for 24, 48 or 72 hours from the time you first use it. Therefore, it can be valid from 11:00 to 11:00 or 17:00 to 17:00 on different calendar days.

The Innsbruck Card includes one free ticket for more than 20 attractions, cable cars, the hop-on-hop-off sightseer bus, a walking tour, and public transport in the city.

Popular Attractions Included in the Innsbruck Card

AttractionRegular Ticket Price
Nordkette Cable Car€42,00
Swarovski Crystal Worlds€23,00
Imperial Palace€  9,50
Court Church€  8,00
Museum of Tyrolean Folk Art€12,00 (including Court Church)
Ambras Castle€16,00
Bergisel Ski Jump€10,00
Tyrol Panorama + Imperial Infantry Museum€ 9,00
Alpine Zoo€13,00
City Tower€ 4,50
Patscherkofel Cable Car

Find the full list of attractions and activities here.

Where to Buy the Innsbruck City Card

The Innsbruck Card is available online here or from the following places in and around Innsbruck. If you buy it online you can simply show a mobile voucher to get your Innsbruck Card in return.

  • The Innsbruck Tourism offices in the city centre and at the train station.
  • Most tourist offices in the holiday villages around Innsbruck.
  • Participating cable car stations.
  • Ticket offices of major attractions that are included on the Innsbruck Card.
  • Most hotels in the city.
  • The Trafik shop at Innsbruck Airport.
  • Press & Books shop at the Innsbruck train station.

Proposed Itinerary for 24-Hour Innsbruck Card

My proposed itinerary for 24 hours with the Innsbruck Card looks like this:

Start your day bright and early with a trip on the Nordkette cable cars to enjoy superb mountain views from an Alpine peak. To make the most of your Nordkette mountain experience and leave enough time for other attractions, you should start by no later than 09:00.  Plan at least 3 hours for this excursion.

Exploring around the Hafelekarspitze.
The Hafelekar cable car station.

If you are travelling with kids or love wildlife, it’s worth getting out at the Alpine Zoo station of the Nordkettenbahnen on your way back to Innsbruck. The Alpine Zoo or Alpenzoo is the highest lying zoo in Europe, and home to Alpine fauna and flora only. You can see 20 of the 80 alpine mammal species and a number of bird, reptile, amphibian and fish species in the beautiful mountain setting.

A lynx in the Alpine Zoo Innsbruck.
Lynx in the Alpenzoo.

Grab a lunch bite at the Alpine Zoo before starting the last cable car stretch back to Innsbruck. Or you could get out at the Löwenhaus Station in Innsbruck and have lunch at the like-named traditional restaurant next to the Inn River.

By now, it should be around 14:00 to 14:30 when you arrive back at the Congress station of the Nordkette cable car. From here, it is a 5-minute walk to either the Imperial Palace or the Museum of Tyrolean Folk Art with Court Church.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time in the palace or at the museum. However, the Giant Hall in the palace is quite impressive. So are the 28 so-called “black men” in the Court Church.

Inside the Hofkirche or Court Church.

By now, it could be as late as 15:30. You have enough time to walk down the Hofgasse to the heart of the Innsbruck old town when leaving the Court Church or the Imperial Palace. It will only take 3 minutes to reach the famous Golden Roof or Goldenes Dachl. You can just admire the 2,657 fire-gilded copper tiles from the outside, or you can visit the Golden Roof Museum.

While in the old town, I highly recommend climbing the Innsbruck city tower which is a stone’s throw away from the Golden Roof. The 133 steps aren’t that taxing and well worth the views over Innsbruck’s rooftops and the Nordkette mountains in the late afternoon sun.

The Golden Roof with the Nordkette mountains behind it.

This is about as much as you will fit into 24 hours in Innsbruck. I think it’s a good mixture of nature and history that will certainly leave you with a lasting impression of the Capital of the Alps.


  • If the mountain is covered in clouds in the morning, swap your itinerary around. Start with the Innsbruck old town attractions and end with the Nordkette cable car trip and Alpine Zoo.
  • Likewise, base your itinerary on the weather if you have an afternoon and morning of the next day in Innsbruck.

Total Savings

The total cost of activities and attractions on my 24-hour Innsbruck itinerary: €85,80

Total savings: €85,80 – €43,00 = €32,80   

Itinerary for 48-Hour Innsbruck Card

If you have 48 hours to explore Innsbruck, you can use my 24-hour Innsbruck Card itinerary on day one or two – weather depending.

My suggested itinerary for the additional 24 hours is as follow:

Take the shuttle bus to Swarovski Crystal Worlds in Wattens if this is something you are interested in. The chambers of wonder and the vast crystal park landscape can keep you busy for two to three hours. Kids especially enjoy the big play tower, labyrinth and other outdoor activities.

Have lunch at Swarovski or return to Innsbruck to grab lunch at the Market Hall next to the market square.

Then catch the hop on hop off sightseer bus to Ambras Castle. On the way, you will pass other attractions and learn a lot about Innsbruck via the headphones. The castle is in a beautiful setting and boasts impressive chambers of armour.

Sightseer hop on hop off bus Innsbruck

Get back on the hop on hop off bus to visit the Bergisel next. On this historic hill, you can take the lift to the top of the Olympic ski jump and marvel at the Tirol Panorama. The latter is Tyrol’s largest oil painting depicting the historic Third Battle of Bergisel.

Read more: 3 Reasons to visit the Bergisel in Innsbruck, Austria

Innsbruck panorama view from the Bergisel.

The total cost of activities and attractions on day 2 of the 48-hour Innsbruck Card itinerary: €78,00

Total savings over 48 hours: €163,80 – €63,00 =  €100,80

Itinerary for 72-Hour Innsbruck Card

After following the itineraries for 24 and 48 hours in Innsbruck, I will recommend a 72-hour Innsbruck Card to explore some of the mountain resorts outside of Innsbruck. Most of them are worth a day trip, especially if you depend on public transport. Unless you ski or like frolicking in the snow, the 72-hour Innsbruck Card is also more suitable for summer than winter.

My best recommendation in summer is to use the extra day with the Innsbruck Card to hike the beautiful Zirbenweg trail. This easy hike offers amazing views of the Inn Valley and the Nordkette mountain range. It is easily accessible via public transport and the Patscherkofel and Glungezer cable cars. The tram to Igls where you get the Patscherkofel cable car is included in the Innsbruck Card.

On the Zirbenweg trail.
On the Zirbenweg trail.

Cost of Patscherkofel cable car:26,00 Total savings over 72 hours: €189,80 – €73,00 = €116,80

Verdict: Why You Should By the Innsbruck Card

The Innsbruck Card REALLY saves you money. The proof is in the numbers. If you like taking cable cars and exploring attractions, there is no reason not to buy the Innsbruck Card.

The Innsbruck Card takes you places. With the Innsbruck Card, travel on Innsbruck public transport is free. It includes the Innsbruck hop-on-hop-off bus or Sightseer bus, which stops at 18 strategic points throughout the city to bring you to the attractions included on your card. There are even audio guides with a special kids’ version on the Innsbruck hop on hop off bus to give you all the important facts.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy the Innsbruck Card

It’s worth buying the Innsbruck Card for at least 24 hours if you plan to go up the Nordkette and see or do one or two other listed attractions/activities.

However, if you only have a few hours in the city or don’t want to take the Nordkette cable car all the way to the top you may be better off buying individual tickets.

Accommodation suggestion: Save time and money by staying within walking distance from all the Innsbruck old town attractions and restaurants. Hotel Zach is ideally located for this.


Having fun in Austria, and then writing about it is hard work 😆 . That’s why some links in this article are affiliate links. I may earn a small commission, at no additional cost to you, if you use any of them to make a purchase. It’s totally cool if you don’t. I love to help anyway. If you do, it will help us discover another part of Austria to write about.

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Guzal Sagdullayeva

Thank you so much! Very good and useful site especially for me now because I’m first time will visit this country, city…Good luck!


Thanks for sharing this info! We’re heading there in September and this will be a big help.


This card seems to offer really great deals to make the most of your money and trip. Very nice tip !


This is awesome! I am always on the fence as to whether or not to but the “city card” wherever I’m visiting. I usually don’t… and then end up regretting it. I wish I had one of these blog posts to read in every big city that I visit!


Yay, thanks for the tip, very helpful. I love budget cards. Would definitely consider this on my next visit. 🙂


I’ve used similar style cards when visiting places like Milan and New York and they can definitely save you money on attractions and sightseeing. Muttereralm looks absolutely incredible, I think I’d buy the card to get a good deal on that alone!


Wow, this is some really useful information. It’s great how much you can get with one card! Great value!


Value for money right there. And that you can chose the duration of that card is important. Sometimes you think you are going to stay at a place for a few days then that ends up not being the case! And you lose th money. Nice post. Thanks for the tip!


Too often it seems city cards aren’t worth the money, but this one actually seems worth it.

I always jot down draft itineraries for my dream trips and whenever I’ve done Austria, only planned 1-2 days for Innsbruk, but seems like it deserves much more time.


I do like the all inclusive city cards that most cities offer, but I don’t believe in ZOOs. Not sure it would be a worth while purchase for me. The region looks incredible though, haven’t visited Austria yet.


I feel like this kind of cards are a good idea if you’re going to stay in town for awhile. Cusco, Peru has something like this and once I bought it, I found it encouraged me to get out there and see more than I might otherwise have. THanks for sharing your insight!


Oh, I always wonder if these are worth it! I live in Vienna and my parents will be visiting for Christmas and I’m wondering if it’s worth it for them to get the Vienna Card, but it’s hard to tell where, like what restaurants/attractions, offers discounts with the card. Also thinking of getting a Budapest Card next weekend when we go. Looks like the Innsbruck one is definitely worth it so I will keep it in mind when I go!


Innsbruck has been on my bucket list for far toooooo long to not tick it off. Maybe your pics are just the stimulation I need to book that flight!


Very useful tips. I missed Innsbruck on my last visit to Austria but sure thing on my bucket list. 53 Euros is lot of saving. Thanks for such helpful tips

Prasad Np

I am all for saving money when I am traveling as it adds more to my kitty. Thanks for explaining in detail how the Innsbruck card actually lets you see/visit more places by planning ahead and save.. Good product info

Jenn and Ed Coleman

What I enjoy most about city cards is how they shift the travel paradigm. It forces you to go out and see everything and do everything you can instead of questioning your choices. I love that. I love that public transportation is free too. That’s huge.

Skye Class

Oh wow, Tyrol looks gorgeous. I only made it to Prague. I’ve purchased a City Card a couple times, and they usually help to save loads. I think I would want to get the 72 hour option here, since I want to visit every one of those attractions, especially the Swarovski Crystal Worlds. Just another reason to return to Austria.


As a budget traveler I’m always on the look out for tourist cards, especially ones that work for multi purpose reasons like this one, I like how you can use it for activities and for transport and that It’s not limited to just the city. This will be really great one to carry around for when I get to do an Alpine trip.


Great tips – if I’m ever in Innsbruck again, I’ll definitely pick up one of these cards. Good point on how you have to plan ahead…I’ve done that in other cities to make the most of their “city cards” as well.


I think these city passes are generally always a good deal. We just experienced a similar city card in Quebec City and also in Toronto. They are always a good round-up of the most popular attractions!