The Best Austrian Spa For A Steamy Experience…

with or without clothes on!

Austrian spas are world-famous places of rest and relaxation. From the mineral-rich waters of a thermal bath to a soothing treatment in one of the country’s top hotels – there’s an Austrian spa experience waiting around every corner. To compliment my list of the best Austria spas, I asked some fellow travel bloggers to tell us about their experiences too.

Atoll, Achensee

Atoll Achensee is a new state-of-the-art spa and swimming complex on the shores of Lake Achen, the largest lake in the Austrian Tyrol. The Penthouse Spa at Atoll Achensee is in a beautiful setting overlooking the lake and surrounding mountains. Here you can have three different sauna experiences, take a steam bath, jump in an ice-cold plunge pool, or relax in the warm outdoor infinity pool.

Atoll Achensee Spa
Sauna with a winter wonderland view at Atoll Achensee.

A Saunameister (sauna master) is in charge of the saunas, treating spagoers with a special infusion according to a daily programme. There’s a Finnish infusion sauna, a herbal sauna, and a chromotherapy sauna. And if you’re in the steam room at the right time, you may get a handful of scrub mixed with honey which will do wonders for your skin.  

Atoll Achensee infinity pool.
Dare you bare it all for this view over Lake Achen?

If you get hungry from all the sweating and relaxing, there’s a great restaurant inside the spa. The Bistro Restaurant doesn’t only serve so-called “health food”, because we had pretty decent burgers for lunch.

The spa at Atoll Achensee is a textile-free zone (which means no clothes or bathing suits in the saunas and pools). For this reason, no under-16s are allowed in the Penthouse Spa. Kids and those who don’t like going naked in front of others can still have fun in the Panorama Bad area with its big indoor swimming pool and smaller in and outdoor pool with a current system and hydromassage benches where you can sit and relax.

It’s stunning setting, spacious and modern spa, combined with a good restaurant and more swimming and relaxation for the whole family, make Atoll Achensee worthy of being on a list of best Austrian spas.

Atoll Achensee Basic Information

Penthouse Spa Day Ticket€25
Official WebsiteAtoll Achensee

Austrian Spa Town Bad Gastein

The Gastein Valley has been known for its water cures for centuries. Bad Gastein is an Austrian spa town which became popular among the rich and famous in the 19th-century. Many hotels and villas popped up in the Belle Époque-style, resulting in the town being referred to as the “Monte Carlo of the Alps”.

When my parents recently visited from South Africa, this is where I sent them for a short, relaxing break. They came back inspired by the beauty of the area and loved having their hotel spa almost all to themselves during the quiet October mid-season period. Fortunately, nakedness was only required in the saunas, because I think they would’ve freaked out otherwise!

Felsentherme, Bad Gastein

Not only did my parents get to enjoy the spa in the Mondi-Holiday First-Class Aparthotel Bellevue, but also the healing waters of the Felsentherme (rock spa) down the road. As the first public thermal spa in Austria, the Felsentherme is something special as it gets its healing waters directly from 18 natural springs.

Felsentherme Bad Gastein
One of the thermal pools in the Felsentherme in the Austrian spa town of Bad Gastein.

The Felsentherme’s hot spring pool is embedded in the prehistoric rock through which the mineral-rich thermal water enters the spa. There are two more indoor pools with a variety of features for young and old, including water massage deck chairs and a “cave” with a thermal waterfall.

If you have no issues with public nudity, the saunas apparently have great views of the mountains. My parents steered clear (not only because of the textile-free requirement but also because they’re “just not into so much sweating 😊”.

Felsentherme Basic Information

Day Ticket€18
Textile-FreeSaunas & steam rooms
Official WebsiteFelsentherme

Therme Laa, Laa an der Thaya

By Anca from Dream, Book and Travel

Laa an der Thaya is a small Austrian spa town located 90 km from Vienna. It is easily accessible with public transport (S-Bahn) from the city’s main hubs such as the Vienna Main Station or the Vienna Praterstern station.

We spent a few romantic weekends in Laa an der Thaya before the birth of our daughter. We are bound to go back soon but have not yet decided if it’s going to be for a romantic weekend or a family getaway. The Therme Laa is equally suited for both.

The spa complex is connected to the Therme Laa Hotel & Silent Spa where you can spend a few nights and enjoy high-quality meals. The centre of Laa an der Thaya is within walking distance from the hotel, and it’s a beautiful traditional Austrian town.

Therme Laa
The Silent Spa at Therme Laa. © Thomas Smetena

For those who do not want to stay overnight, tickets for this Austrian spa can be purchased on a daily basis. There are several pools on-site, including an indoor spa pool, two outdoor pools, as well as a children’s pool with a waterslide.

Therme Laa offers several exclusive lounges, a sauna, a kids’ spa, as well as a fitness centre and team at the disposal of those who want to stay active. There are massage and cosmetics packages available for those looking to pamper themselves. For ultimate rest and relaxation, there is a silent spa with facilities including loungers, a brine pool, spa suites, and a steam bath. Several culinary options are available in the spa itself, for those who do not want to stay in the hotel overnight.

Like with any great facility, the difference is in the fine details, and this is also the case at Therme Laa. The team there is committed to personalising your stay based on your preferences and go out of their way to make you feel cherished.

Therme Laa Basic Information

Day Ticket€29 (excluding saunas)
Textile-FreeSaunas & steam rooms
Official WebsiteTherme Laa

Sacher Boutique Spa – Hotel Sacher Vienna

 By Heather Trimm of Trimm Travels

One of the best spa experiences I’ve ever had was at the Sacher Boutique Spa in Vienna, Austria. One word. Chocolate. Yes, you read correctly. They have a unique “Time to Chocolate” care line and have created multiple experiences featuring luxurious chocolate treatments.

After changing into a plush robe and monogrammed slippers, I relaxed in the lavishly cosy but small quiet room. I felt like I was in someone’s personal, elaborate living room complete with fireplace. A variety of teas, flavoured water and snacks were available, and I didn’t miss out on taking full advantage.

Sacher Boutique Spa
Stylish room in the Sacher Boutique Spa.

My chocolate treatment consisted of an invigorating chocolate scrub that I washed off under the warm water of a gigantic rainfall shower. This was finished off by a fantastic massage with chocolate cocoa butter. The entire time the smell of chocolate was permeating the air!

The staff was top notch and even helped to secure us reservations down in Café Sacher to continue our chocolate experience with the Original Sachertorte. (Find out here why it’s one of the must try things to eat in Vienna.) 

If chocolate isn’t your thing, the Sacher Boutique Spa offers regular treatments too. In addition, there’s a sauna, a steam bath, and a fitness room with personal trainer services available. They even have treatments designed exclusively for children!

If you’re in Vienna and looking for true luxury relaxation, the Sacher Boutique Spa at Hotel Sacher Vienna is where you want to be!

Sacher Boutique Spa Basic Information

Non-Resident Ticket€40 to €60 for 3 hours
Textile-FreeSauna & steam bath
Official WebsiteSacher Boutique Spa

 Arlberg WellCom

 By Liza Skripka from Tripsget

When we were road tripping Europe, we discovered a wonderful Austrian spa located in the famous skiing resort Sankt Anton am Arlberg – Arlberg WellCom.

Arlberg WellCom is mainly there for people deciding to relax between ski sessions in St. Anton. However, you can also visit Arlberg WellCom outside the skiing season and if you’re not skiing (like we did) – it’s open for everyone.

Arlberg WellCom
Warm pool and cold air for an exhilarating swim at Arlberg WellCom.

What I liked the most about Arlberg WellCom is that they have a heated outdoor swimming pool and a huge indoor pool with a whirlpool. There is also a sauna, wellness area and a gym.

As it goes with Austrian spas, it’s worth mentioning that you have to be naked in the sauna and it’s a mixed sauna, so expect naked people of the opposite gender inside the sauna. As far as I could remember, the dressing room for the sauna is also mixed.

Arlberg WellCom Basic Information

Day Ticket€13,50 (+ €8,50 for saunas)
Textile-FreeSaunas & steam rooms
Official WebsiteArlberg WellCom

The See-Spa at lake Weißensee in Carinthia

 By Christina Leutner of City Sea Country

The luxurious lake spa at the Hotel Weissenseerhof offers two saunas (lake sauna 85-95 ℃, reed sauna 65 ℃) and two relaxation rooms with a view over lake Weissensee. In both saunas nakedness is required. 

The uniqueness of this spa is that it is built over the lake. In summer you can jump right into the water from the deck. During winter, an ice-hole is kept free for the sauna-goers.

See-Spa Weissenseerhof
The Weissenseerhof See-Spa has a top position on Lake Weissen.

Probably the best thing about this Austrian spa is the view from the relaxation room. There are lounges and comfortable deck chairs. Huge glass windows from bottom to ceiling offer you a spectacular view over the cleanest lake in Carinthia.

Besides the saunas and the relaxation rooms, the See-Spa also has massage and beauty treatment rooms. 

New to the See-Spa is the Phyto5 treatment. The mask and the treatment with coloured light are adapted to the various skin types. The subsequent lymphatic drainage on the face and décolleté is very relaxing and has a rejuvenating effect.

Not only hotel guests can be pampered in the lake-spa. Day spa guests are welcome too. The price for the Day Spa is € 35 at the moment. A towel, bath bag and slippers for the duration of the stay are included. In addition, treatments can be booked, as well as day spa packages with a breakfast buffet or a gourmet evening meal.

The See-Bistro is open from noon to 6 pm and offers drinks and small, vegetarian-only dishes.

Hotel Weissenseerhof See-Spa Basic Information

Day Ticket€35
Textile-FreeSaunas only
Official WebsiteSee-Spa

Starkenberger Beer Spa

By LeAnna R. Brown of

As you sink into the warm pool, all your cares seem to drift away.  And then you start to giggle a little.  After all, this isn’t just ANY pool, and it definitely isn’t your typical Austrian spa.  Nope.  The bubbles surrounding you aren’t from soap.  They are carbonation.   That’s right. You just slid your body into a 13-foot wide BEER pool.  Yes, that is correct.  A pool.  Filled with warm beer!

Starkenberger Beer Spa © Starkenberger Bier
The beer baths at the Starkenberger Bier brewery. © Starkenberger Bier

This isn’t a joke, and it most certainly is considered a day at the spa by the locals, considering beer has been known to have minerals and properties to have therapeutic effects on the body.  The pools are kept quite warm, but you can always order yourself a fresh cold one to sip on as well.

The Starkenberger Beer Spa is nestled into the Western arm of Austria, about an hour from the Southern Germany border.  And since this is the Tyrol, you’ll also get to dine on delicious meat spreads as well. 

It may not be a pampering, calming experience day at the spa, but it most certainly is a day to remember!

Starkenberger Beer Spa Basic Information

PriceOn request (pre-booking necessary)
Official WebsiteStarkenberger Beer

Tips For Your Austrian Spa Visit

  • If you’re not keen to get undressed in front of strangers (men and women), always check the individual spa websites for their nudity policy. And remember, you can wear a gown in the common areas outside the saunas and steam rooms and while relaxing on a lounger.
  • Austrian spa prices usually include the use of the saunas, steam rooms, infrared cabins, and pools. Additional beauty and health treatments like massages and facials must be booked separately in advance.
  • Bathrobes, towels and slippers can be rented at an additional fee at most Austrian spas.
  • Stay well-hydrated when spending time in saunas and steam baths. Free water is available at most spas.

 Which Austrian spa will you be visiting when you’re next in need of a bit of pampering or good old-fashioned rest and relaxation?


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