Mozart dinner concert in Salzburg – an honest review

Spend an evening like Mozart would

If there’s a city that can pull off a touristic Mozart dinner concert, it’s the composer’s birthplace of Salzburg in Austria. The musicians and singers are mostly trained at the famous Mozarteum and the meal prepared in Europe’s oldest restaurant.  Add to that the ambiance of the Baroque Hall in the Stiftskeller St Peter, and you’ve got a winner that even the locals enjoy.

Mozart dinner concert Stiftskeller St Peter
The Mozart dinner concert poster in front of Stiftskeller St Peter.

When planning a trip to Salzburg with a good friend from South Africa, attending a classical concert was a must on our list of things to do. My research showed we can’t go wrong with the Mozart dinner concert, which is patterned after an evening that might have occurred during Mozart’s life.

Why dinner AND music?

Because the composer himself makes numerous references to culinary delights in his operas and letters to other people. The special dinner concert menu is therefore prepared according to 18th-century recipes which Mozart would certainly approve of.

In fact, an excerpt from the 1783-diary of the composer’s sister Nannerl confirms the Mozart family did eat here:

“Papa and Henry had lunch at St Peter…”

Mozart dinner concert in Salzburg

Basic Information

Dates Every single day of the year
Prices Regular adult ticket from €63
Starting time 19:30
Duration 2,5 to 3 hours
Dress code Smart casual

The Mozart dinner concert repertoire

The musical programme at the Mozart dinner concert is performed by members of the Amadeus Consort Salzburg, consisting of two opera singers and five instrumentalists. Most of them are graduates of the world-renowned Mozarteum University in Salzburg.

Arias and duets from three of Mozart’s famous operas – Don Giovanni, The Magic Flute and The Marriage of Figaro – are performed before and between courses. In addition, you can look forward to a charming interpretation of the first movement of the popular serenade A Little Night Music.

Singers Mozart dinner concert in Salzburg.
Singers of the Amadeus Consort Salzburg perform during the Mozart dinner concert.

I loved the enthusiasm of the musicians and the singers of the Amadeus Consort Salzburg. They play on original instruments and in appropriate period clothing. Their enjoyment of the music is palpable. You won’t say it’s something they repeat again and again for different audiences. The only slightly negative comment I have is that the soprano’s appearance was a bit dull compared to the other performers.

The Mozart dinner concert menu


If you’re a foodie, you may turn your nose up at the 4-course Mozart dinner concert menu. Before you do, remember the food is meant to represent a typical meal during Mozart’s time. Also, it’s Austrian. There isn’t much colour on the plates. Dumplings and potatoes are pretty much the staple food.

This is what you can expect to eat during the Mozart dinner concert in Salzburg, although seasonal changes are possible:

Traditional dark bread (Schwarzbrot) – Baked in the St Peter’s kitchen and served with local butter. The bread is already on the table when you arrive.

Lemon chicken dumpling soup – Rosemary dumplings and curd cheese add substance to the clear soup.

Stuffed chicken breast – Described as a “stuffed breast of roasted capaun”. The chicken is stuffed with quark (a soft, unripened cheese) and herbs and served on a glaze of red wine. It’s accompanied by potato gratin and vegetables from the monastery garden.

Parfait of forest honey – A semi-frozen parfait served with two different sauces. I was delighted by the beautiful presentation with Mozart’s profile dusted on the plate in cocoa powder. It was a special touch to end a delightful evening.

Mozart dinner concert dessert.
A tasteful end to a great evening.


Wine and beer are the appropriate drinks to accompany your Mozart dinner. However, it’s important to note that drinks aren’t included in the dinner concert price.

While the Stiftskeller St Peter proudly states that prices for wine and drinks are “based on a high level of gastronomy” it also means it doesn’t come cheap.

Mozart dinner concert guests can choose their wines from St Peter Stiftskeller’s impressive wine list to which you can find a link here. It’s possible to order wine by the glass but if you’re two or more people it works out a little cheaper to buy a bottle. We decided to splurge on one of the “cheaper” bottles of white wine and not worry about ordering drinks for the rest of the evening.

Mozart dinner concert Salzburg
Cheers on an evening of good music and good wine.

If you’re a beer drinker, the good news is that Austrian beer from the tap is more reasonably priced than the wine at Stiftskeller St Peter.

Stiftskeller St Peter

The Mozart dinner concert in Salzburg is held in the opulent Baroque Hall of the Stiftskeller St Peter. It’s one of the last old concert halls in the city where lighting with real candles is still permitted. The beautifully lit room with its stucco and frescoes and sparkling chandeliers is the perfect venue for this concert.

Baroque Hall Stiftskeller St Peter.
Dinner guests in the beautiful Baroque Hall of the Stiftskeller St Peter.

The Stiftskeller St Peter can easily claim to be home to the oldest restaurant in central Europe. It was first mentioned in 803 by the English scholar Alcuin of York in his Carmina anthology. Hell, it can even be the oldest existing restaurant in the world! Other than Mozart and his family, Christopher Columbus and Johann Georg Faust are said to have been served here.

The bigger St Peter’s Abbey, of which the Stiftskeller is a part, is at the foot of the Mönchsberg between the Salzburg Cathedral and the Festspielhaus. Founded in 696, it’s also the oldest monastery with a continuous history in Europe.

If you’re not sure where to eat in Salzburg, dining in the Stifskeller independently from the Mozart dinner concert is certainly recommended.

Another interesting Mozart fact

The premiere of the uncompleted Great Mass in C minor, with Mozart’s wife Constanze singing first soprano, was supposed to take place in the St Peter’s Abbey church on 26 October 1783.

Tips for a memorable Mozart dinner concert experience

  • For the best views of the stage and a fancier menu, book VIP tickets for the Mozart dinner concert. The 4-course menu includes Salzburger Nockerl as well as the city’s famous sweet and fluffy soufflé dessert. Your table is guaranteed to be in the first two rows from the front.
  • Diners are seated on a first-come, first served basis. Arrive a bit earlier to ensure a good seat. We didn’t but were still very lucky to be seated at a table with two empty places near the front. Although we had our backs to the musicians, it was easy to turn our chairs around to face them every time they played. Since not all the VIP tables were occupied, there was no-one in front of us. A good time to arrive would be between 18:30 and 18:45 for the 19:30 show.
  • The Baroque Hall is an elegant room and the tables are set to lend it an even greater sense of occasion. Think white tablecloths, silver cutlery, and candlelight. Make the effort to look a little smarter than when you’re out sightseeing. You don’t have to wear an evening dress and high heels, but you’ll stick out like a sore thumb in jeans and a T-shirt.

    Starter Mozart dinner concert Salzburg.
    Schwarzbrot and butter on a white tablecloth with silver cutlery and candle holders.
  • Don’t arrive with a massive hunger and expect to be satisfied quickly. After the bread, the other three courses arrive slowly in between and after the musical performances. The portions were big enough for me but if you’re a big eater it’s best to already have something in your stomach at the start of the evening.
  • Make the evening more interesting by talking to your table companions. Ours were a Swiss lady and an American couple. Afterward, we even met more South Africans who sat at a different table. And bumped into them again the next day on our day trip to Hallstatt!
  • From 30 November to 30 December the regular dinner concert is replaced by a special Advent Mozart dinner concert. Tickets are a bit more expensive, starting at €74. The reason is that an extra course of veal terrine and oranges with mulled wine pear is served.

More Mozart concerts in Salzburg

If the Mozart dinner concert isn’t your thing, there are many more classical music concerts in Salzburg to choose from.

There’s the concert at Mirabell Palace where the Mozart family played for the Archbishop of Salzburg. Or why not listen to Mozart from an elevated position at the Hohensalzburg Fortress? The return trip with the cable car is included in the ticket price.

For an earlier concert which allows time for dinner after, the Mozart in Residence concerts are very popular.

Read more: If you find this review helpful, you may also enjoy my overview of the Salzburg Card with proposed itineraries.

Sleep in Mozart-style

Take your experience of Mozart in Salzburg to even greater heights by staying in the historic Hotel Mozart. It’s a small, family-run hotel within walking distance of the composer’s birthplace and only 5 minutes away from the Mozart Residence where the family later stayed. Also, read my review of the Altstadt Hotel Hofwirt where we stayed.

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Mozart dinner concert in Salzburg.

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Fiona Maclean

Great tips about arriving early and dressing the part! I am in two minds whether I’d enjoy this experience but that’s partly that I suspect I might find the food annoyingly heavy -it almost looks better than your description though? Great pics


We loved our visit to Salzburg but did not get to go to a concert. A Mozart concert in the Baroque Hall would have been a great thing to do. Love that they do the show in traditional clothing. How interesting that the menu is planned to match the music. The stuffed chicken sounded great. Thanks for the tip about booking a VIP ticket and arriving early. We have been stuck at the back on other dinner and show events. We will definitely try this on a return visit.

Christina Pfeiffer

Mozart dinner concert looks like a fun tourist experience for visitors to Salzburg. It looks like a good way to soak up the atmosphere and learn a bit about Mozart. The costumes would be part of the attraction too.


I love having dinner with a concert involved. I really got into Classical music over the last few years and would love to go to places like Austria and experience this. Fantastic advice here about getting there early. wouldnt want anything to ruin the day 😀

Veronika Tomanova

Wow it actually sounds like a great idea to attend such an event in the city of Mozart. I only got to stop in Salzburg quite shortly last time, but when I stay overnight, I will book my tickets. There is never enough culture!


The dinner menu itself doesn’t sound so exciting to me. I’d definitely be up for going to a Mozart concert either before or after dinner at a more local restaurant though.


I didn’t know anything about Mozart dinner concert at all before reading your piece. It looks like a fun and traditional place. The dishes sound so nice. I want to try Lemon chicken dumpling soup. Is it a traditional Austrian dish?


This must of been a lovely evening. I still have not been to Austria and I’m so close, but now I know about the Mozart dinner concert I will be going when I get there. The food sounds nice and traditional and I’m sure the concert was fantastic.

sandy n vyjay

Mozart and dinner, that sounds like a heady combination. I can see that you had a really satisfying experience. I guess when in Salzburg, you are definitely serenaded by Mozart. The Mozart dinner promises to be an unforgettable evening, sure to stay etched in memory for a long time.


Thank you for including the price lists! I always look forward to a romantic dinner with my partner from Germany. Mozart in Salzburg is now on our list, we are making an A-Z date list! Can’t wait to watch “The Marriage of Figaro”. Heard a lot about that!

Du lịch Châu Âu

An interesting experience


During 2015, me and my girlfriend were there in Salzburg and enjoyed the dinner with concert, we felt extremely excellent hospitality with a nice treat to our ears. We were really glad to learn about the Musial University in Salzburg, as we have great interest for Music. Cheers.