Schlick 2000 ski resort review

Top destination for family ski holidays

Schlick 2000 is a medium-sized ski resort in the Stubai Valley in the Austrian Tyrol. I can confidently say it’s my favourite ski resort near Innsbruck. This is a guide to help families and beginners plan an unforgettable ski trip to Schlick 2000 in the Stubai Alps.

Schlick 2000 Austria perfect slope.
A perfect day at Schlick 2000 in Tyrol, Austria.

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Schlick 2000 at a glance

The Schlick 2000 ski resort is in a beautiful setting above the Alpine village of Fulpmes in the Stubai Valley. It’s the first ski area on your right as you enter the valley and a short 10-minute drive from Innsbruck.

Runs/slopes 21 km, including 7 blue, 7 red, and 4 black runs
Lifts 1 gondola, 3 chair lifts, 3 t-bar lifts, 1 button lift, 1 magic carpet
1-day ski pass price €38,50
Operating times 08:30 to 16:30
Restaurants 7
Public transport Free ski bus or tram
Parking Paid covered parking and free uncovered parking
Website Schlick 2000
Check out the ski area map here

9 reasons to ski at Schlick 2000

  1. The vertical drop from the highest point at 2,240 m (Sennjoch) to the valley station at 1,000 m is a good 1,240 m.
  2. Kids under 10 ski for free in the company of a full-paying parent.
  3. Easy access by car and public transport from Innsbruck and the rest of the Stubai Valley.
  4. It’s rated among the top 15 family-friendly ski resorts in Austria by Snow-Online. During peak periods, there is even a Kindergarten for small children who don’t ski yet.

    Schlick 2000 in Austria is family-friendly.
    A day on the slopes of Schlick 2000 makes for a great family outing.
  5. Continued investment in modern lifts and other facilities for a better ski experience. There is something new to look forward to almost every year.
  6. With 81 sunny days on average per season, the chances of skiing under blue skies are extremely good.
  7. Lots of natural snow with artificial snow back-up guarantees a ski season from early to mid-December until early April. The duration may differ by a week or two each year depending on snow conditions.                                                                                         [embedyt][/embedyt]
  8. There are lots to do besides skiing. It’s a popular starting point for paragliders and hang-gliders, there are winter hiking trails, a toboggan run, and ski tourers love the area.
  9. The ski runs offer enough variety for all abilities.

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The Schlick 2000 lifts and ski runs

The Kreuzjochbahn

The 6-seater gondola takes skiers from the Fulpmes Valley Station to the Kreuzjoch mountain station via the Froneben middle station. Simply stay seated when the doors open at Froneben. Skiers who completed the Panorama run and who want to go back to Kreuzjoch may join you if the gondola isn’t full.

Schlick 2000 Kreuzjochbahn
Where it all starts. The Kreuzjochbahn mountain station.

Starting with the Panorama Run

The Panorama run (blue no. 1) lies straight ahead of you when you exit the Kreuzjochbahn mountain station. It starts out narrow but soon opens up into a lovely wide slope with stunning views of the Kalkkögel mountains.

Panorama run Schlick 2000.
The view from the top of the Panorama run.

Intermediate and advanced skiers can look out for the new Panoramaschuss (no. 8 black) and Hohes Laub (no. 9 red) runs branching off to the right near the top of the Panorama run.

There is one steepish hill on this first part of the Panorama run before it intersects with the Mitterjoch run (no. 2 red) and the Zirmach run (no. 3 red). Watch out for skiers coming from the top. Some of them travel at great speed.

Schlick 2000 Zirmachbahn.
Getting on the Zirmachbahn for access to the Schlick 2000 upper runs.

A shortish hill later you will find the Zirmachalm on your right with the Zirmachbahn a little further to the left. The 6-seater Zirmachbahn is one of the modern new additions at Schlick 2000. It comes with a protective hood and heated seats.

The top runs from Sennjoch

The Zirmachbahn goes to the top of the Schlick 2000 ski area, called the Sennjoch, at 2,240 m. From here, it’s possible to access all the upper runs.

Zirmachbahn Schlick 2000
Getting off the modern Zirmachbahn chairlift.

The upper runs are:

  • Burgstall (blue no. 4c)
  • Wasserfall (blue no. 4d)
  • Quellen (red no. 4)
  • Carving (red no. 4b)
  • Zirmach (red no. 4e)
  • Kanonenrohr (black no.3a)
  • Latschen (black no. 3b)
  • Zirbenschuss (black no. 4a)
  • Mitterjoch (red no. 2)
  • Zirmach (red no. 3)

Except for the blue no.4 runs, I admit I’m no authority to review the top slopes. Lately, I stick to the Wasserfall run which takes me back to the Zirmachbahn bottom station. My only gripe with these runs is that they get worn thin right at the top the longer the day gets, with big bumps in between.

Burgstall run Schlick 2000
A resting point (for beginner’s legs) on the Burgstall run.

This is also the reason why I prefer the Wasserfall run to the Burgstall run. For some reason, it’s much less crowded. However, beginners must concentrate to take the correct turn-off and not land on the red Quellen run, or worse, the black Zirbenschuss slope.

C & M do the red runs and love them. I’ve done the Mitterjoch run past the speed check twice but because I’m so slow it’s extremely strenuous. The same goes for the last bit of the blue Burgstall run before it connects with the Panorama run.

Waterfall to Schlickeralm

There is a waterfall, mostly frozen in winter, where the Panorama run and the Burgstall run connects. If ever there was a slope where I can experience the feeling of “effortlessly gliding over the snow” it’s the one between the waterfall and the Schlickeralm.

Schlick 2000 Panorama Run
A beginner’s dream…

M also loves this stretch because it’s where the free nature park is. It starts with a natural halfpipe that branches off to the left. From there, there are various paths filled with bumps and ramps for little and big adventurers to take, ending just before the Schlickeralm.

Schlickeralm area

The area around the Schlickeralm is a busy little hub in the middle of Schlick 2000. Not only do you find the Schlickeralm restaurant and guest house here, but also the Jochgeier bar, the Sennjochbahn chairlift, and the Schlickerboden t-bar lift.

My top tip for beginners

Struggling first-timers will find the Schlickerboden t-bar lift and accompanying slope perfect to practice their carving. The gradient of the wide slope is so small that you don’t have to worry about slamming on the brakes (excessive use of snow ploughs ?).

Schlickeralm t-bar lift Schlick 2000

The only problem for real first-timers is that you can’t get here on your skis without doing the Panorama run from the top. However, the Schlickeralm runs a taxi service from the Froneben middle station if you are desperate to get here without having to ski down. We made use of this service once to take family members to the Schlickeralm. The taxi leaves from the Kindergarten and ski school buildings opposite the Bruggeralm at the Froneben middle station.

For some more skiing tips for beginners, also read this article.

Now you can continue down the Panorama run or take the Sennjochbahn that drops you next to the Sennjochstüberl at 2,225 m. The Mitterjoch run is easily accessible when you get off this chairlift.

Sennjochbahn Schlick 2000.
View of the Sennjochbahn and Sennjochstüberl coming from the Zirmach chairlift.

Getting to the Zirmach run and the top of the blue Burgstall and Wasserfall slopes from the Sennjochbahn is a bit harder because it’s a slight uphill past the Sennjochstüberl. I just take my skis off and walk the 30 m or so.

Panorama run bottom section

You shouldn’t hold back when you continue down the blue Panorama run from the Schlickeralm. The gradient of the first section is very small before it ends with a slight uphill. You need speed if you don’t want to end up pushing yourself forward with your poles. So, put those skis together and go for it!

Schlick 2000 Austria
If you’re not fast enough or the snow is too soft, you may end up walking for about 10 m on the slow section of the Panorama run.

Note: If you really want to look like a professional, this is where you stick your poles under your arms and get down on your haunches ?.

Turning the corner after the slow section you will find the turn-off to the Galtalm, a very traditional mountain hut restaurant. You can’t ski there but a “taxi” in the form of a tractor pulling skiers that hold on to a knotted rope fetches guests every half an hour from 11:30 to 13:00.

Galtalm sign Schlick 2000
There are more than enough signs to indicate where you should wait for the Galtalm taxi.

After your lunch at the Galtalm, you must ski back to the Froneben middle station via the red Galtalm run. It’s doable for beginners and families despite some short steep sections in between.

Back to the last bit of the Panorama run past the Galtalm turnoff.

This is another great section for beginner skiers to practice their carving. And kids love the forest paths running parallel to the slope on the right. A great way to end your discovery of Schlick 2000.

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The valley run or not?

The area around Froneben can get slushy from midday onwards later in the season. This is also when you should seriously consider whether you want to ski down to the valley station in Fulpmes or take the gondola. This run is mostly covered with artificial snow. It’s a forest road with hairpin bends and could have either very icy or very slushy patches if the conditions aren’t ideal. Also, avoid it just before closing time when it gets very crowded.

Schlick 2000 valley run.
At the top of the Schlick 2000 valley run.

Schanzlin beginner’s practice area

Hidden behind the Kindergarten and ski school building is a very nice practice slope for those who want to get comfortable on their skis before attempting the Panorama run. There is a t-bar lift as well as a shorter button lift. However, the latter mostly runs in the high season when there are lots of kids’ ski courses.

Schanzlin practice slope Schlick 2000 in Stubai.
Top of the Schanzlin practice slope.

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Eating and drinking

There are no less than 7 restaurants in the Schlick 2000 ski area – from big self-service ones to quaint mountain huts. On busy ski days, you can expect waiting times at all of them, especially between 12:00 and 13:00.

Panorama Restaurant Kreuzjoch

The biggest self-service restaurant at Schlick 2000 is next to the Kreuzjoch mountain station and offers beautiful views of the Stubai Valley. If we opt for self-service, this is our preferred choice. The reason is that they seem to be better geared for crowds.

On a sunny day, there is a lovely terrace to sit at outside. The big windows on the valley side inside is also a good place to sit next to. If you are lucky, you will see paragliders or hang-gliders taking off.

Kreuzjoch Restaurant Schlick 2000.
The terrace of the Panorama Restaurant Kreuzjoch offers great views over the Stubai Alps.

Menu tip: The roasted halved chicken with fries is good value for money at the Panorama Restaurant Kreuzjoch. It’s even enough for two if you’re not that hungry.


This traditional hut next to the Panorama run is our favourite. It’s also the first silver service restaurant at Schlick 2000. No self-service lines here. However, you do sometimes wait to be served or to pay your bill at the end. At least you have pretty views of the Kalkkögel mountains while you wait.

Schlick 2000 is one of the ski resorts near Innsbruck.
The Zirmachalm at Schlick 2000 in the Stubai Valley.

We try to go after 13:00 to find a spot outside in the sun. On sunny days, you are more likely to find a table inside. We had the burger and a Schnitzel on our last visit and both were pretty good compared to the slopeside food found elsewhere.


The Schlickeralm is a popular meeting point due to its location in the middle of the ski area. The self-service restaurant staff take some strain over busy periods when you can wait up to 30 minutes to get food. The food is standard Austrian ski food. The roast pork with a dumpling and Sauerkraut was the best choice on our last visit.

Schlickeralm Austria
There are lots going on outside the Schlickeralm on a sunny day.

Top recommendation: book a room at the Schlickeralm to stay on the slopes


The traditional mountain hut restaurant that is only reached on foot or with the “Galtalm Express” from the meeting area next to the Panorama run. It’s an adventure just to get there. The Galtalm menu is limited to very traditional Austrian food such as dumpling soup and sausages. You may have to order at the counter whereafter your food is brought to your table.

Brugger Alm

Another busy self-service restaurant where the ski schools take their groups for lunch. It’s also next to the beginner’s area with magic carpets at the Froneben middle station. And in the afternoons you will find a big apres ski crowd outside. We haven’t had lunch at the Bruggeralm for a long time although I remember the food wasn’t bad for self-service.

Bruggeralm Schlick 2000
The Bruggeralm is conveniently located next to the beginner’s area.


The Sennjochstüberl is the highest lying restaurant at Schlick 2000. We’ve only had a drink here, so I really can’t comment on the food. What I do know, is that it doesn’t look as crowded as the lower lying restaurants. Therefore, it could be a good choice on busy days.

Sennjochstüberl Schlick 2000
The “top point of relaxation” at Schlick 2000.

Froneben Alm

This traditional restaurant is hidden behind the trees below the Froneben middle station. That’s why it’s also a good option when the other restaurants are overflowing. Try the local dishes of Kasspatzln (the Tyrolean version of macaroni and cheese) or Tiroler Gröstl (slices of fried potatoe with roast beef and bacon bits and a fried egg).

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Where to stay near Schlick 2000

Top recommendation

Schlickeralm – Your best bet if you want to be the first on the slopes and the last to leave while staying in picture-perfect surroundings. There is no other accommodation like this in the middle of the Schlick 2000 ski area. And it’s affordable too with prices starting at €79 per person in a standard double room, including half-board, in high season.

Click here to book your room at the Schlickeralm

Centrally located in Fulpmes

Adler Hotel-Pension – A small hotel with only 12 rooms and three holiday apartments loved by guests who have stayed here. There are an indoor swimming pool and saunas to relax in after a day on the slopes at Schlick 2000. Prices differ but start at €55 per person in a double room with bed and breakfast in the ski season.

Check availability at the Adler Hotel-Pension now

Best 4-star hotel

Alpenhotel Tirolerhof – A bigger hotel in Fulpmes with excellent facilities and ratings. The jacuzzi and heated indoor swimming pool is guaranteed to help you sleep well before the free ski bus picks you up right in front of the hotel the next morning. Prices start at €82 per person, dinner, bed, and breakfast if you stay at least 3 nights.

Find a room in the Alpenhotel Tirolerhof

Click here to find other hotels or apartments near Schlick 2000.

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Ski pass options and prices

Different ski pass options are available for skiing at Schlick 2000. They range from different one-day passes to multi-day passes exclusively for Schlick 2000 to the Stubai super ski pass that includes all resorts in the valley. Schlick 2000 is also part of the Olympia Ski World consisting of 9 ski resorts near Innsbruck. For this, a separate Olympia World ski pass is available.

Here is a summary of some of the options. Find more detailed prices here.

Day pass from 8:30 to 16:30 € 38,50
3-day pass €112,00
7-day pass €223,50
3 out 4 days €115,50
5 out 7 days €193,00
2 days €104,00
5 days €216,00
5 of 7 days €235,00
3 days €136,00
7 days €253,50

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Ski schools and rentals

Two ski schools offer courses at Schlick 2000. They are the Schischule Stubai Tirol and the Skischule Fulpmes. Children’s courses start at €175 for 5 days, 4 hours per day. The same course for adults costs €190. Shorter courses and private lessons are also available.

Skischule Fulpmes Schlick 2000 Austria.
Ski school meeting point at Froneben.

The Schischule Stubai Tirol runs Big Ron’s Kinderland at the Froneben middle station. This includes childcare and providing meals even to children who aren’t participating in a ski course. They take babies from as young as 3 months. Just be aware that some of the services are only available in peak periods, and never on a Saturday.

There is a big Intersport Pittl at the valley station where you can rent everything you need for your days on the slopes. The Skischule Fulpmes also does rentals.

If you are staying at the Schlickeralm, you can rent your equipment at the ski shop next to restaurant and guesthouse.

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Getting to Schlick 2000

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By car

Fulpmes is one of the first towns when you enter the Stubaital, which is easily accessible via the A13 Brenner motorway between Austria and Italy. The Schönberg exit which takes you down the valley is not even a 10-minute drive from Innsbruck.

A toll fee of €3 is charged when you exit the motorway from the Innsbruck side. Coming from Italy, the full Brenner Pass toll fee is €9,50. Keep your receipt to show at the Schönberg toll booth to avoid paying double.

Driving down the Stubai Valley you will first pass Mieders on your left. Start keeping an eye open for the turn-off to Fulpmes and Telfes on your right. The signs will also say Schlick 2000. Keep left when you reach a T-junction and continue to follow the signs.

Parking – There are 155 bays in the car park directly below the Schlick 2000 valley station. It’s totally worth parking here at €2 for the first hour and €0.50 for every additional hour. Otherwise, there are 3 big outdoor parking areas which are free of charge and serviced by shuttle buses.

By bus

All public buses in the Stubai valley (between Schönberg and the glacier ski resort) are free for skiers and other winter sports enthusiasts between October and May.

Kreuzjochbahn valley station Austria.
Free ski bus waiting outside the Kreuzjochbahn valley station.

From Innsbruck, Bus 590 leaves the main train station (Innsbruck Hbf) from bus stop A every half hour at 5 and 35 past the hour. Tickets are discounted for people wearing winter sports clothes between October and May. Find a connection here. Enter Innsbruck Hauptbahnhof next to Start and Fulpmes Schlick 2000 next to Ziel. The direct journey takes about 35 minutes.

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More tips for a great time at Schlick 2000

  • Take some time to admire the frozen waterfall just below the Zirmachbahn on part 1b of the Panorama run. It’s also a great photo spot.
  • Watch out for the Night of Colours on different Wednesday nights throughout the ski season. This is an impressive light show at Froneben.
  • The 3 km toboggan run at Schlick 2000 is floodlit every Wednesday night between 19:30 and until 21:00. On Night of Colours evenings, it stays illuminated until 22:00.
  • There are locker facilities at the Panorama Restaurant Kreuzjoch if you want to lock away extra stuff like a backpack.
  • For an up-to-date view of the weather conditions, check out the Schlick 2000 webcam.

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