10 pictures of Austria to make you sick

Be prepared to catch wanderlust fever

What images come to mind when you hear the word Austria? If you’re not Austrian, it’s probably hills that are alive with the sound of music (with or without Julie Andrews 😆 ). There’s no denying that The Sound of Music did a fair deal to put Austria on the world tourism map. But is there more to this country in the heart of Europe? Can these pictures of Austria prove that? Warning: look away if you don’t want to catch wanderlust fever.

1. The original Hallstatt

Hallstatt waterfront © Linda de Beer / Travel Tyrol

Believe it or not, the Chinese built an exact replica of Hallstatt as an upper-class housing development. Unfortunately (or rather, fortunately), they couldn’t replicate the view over Lake Hallstatt. You’d be much better off visiting the real Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut UNESCO World Heritage Region to find out why there are more than 600 painted skulls in a Gothic chapel overlooking the lake. No collection of pictures of Austria will be complete without one of Hallstatt, especially one that includes both the lake and the town.

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2. If it inspired Mozart, why not you?

Pictures of Austria must include Salzburg. © Linda de Beer / Travel Tyrol

Long before Salzburg was put on the map by the Sound of Music, the city was known as the birthplace of one of the greatest composers of all times. Mozart was born in No. 9 Getreidegasse in the old city of Salzburg, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage site, on 27 January 1756. Within a 1 km radius of this famous address, you can see a medieval fortress, the magnificent Salzburg cathedral, and the Mirabell Gardens.

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3. You can easily stand on an Alpine peak

Schlick 2000 viewpoint © Linda de Beer / Travel Tyrol

Is enjoying the views from an Alpine peak without having to actually climb the mountain even possible? In Austria it is. That’s why you see so many pictures of Austria with people standing on top of a mountain. How did they get there? A cable car of course. There are thousands of them to take people to ski runs in winter and hiking trails and viewpoints in summer. The view in the picture above can be enjoyed at Schlick 2000 in the Stubai Valley. It’s an easy 10-minute walk from the cable car station.

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4. No-one does Christmas like the Austrians

Golden Roof Christmas Market Innsbruck

It starts as early as mid-November. First, there are the fairytale lights – in city streets and outside village homes – to brighten the mood after sunset. Then the Christmas markets start when you can experience the Advent period in its authentic form – from the daily markets in Vienna, Innsbruck, and Salzburg to the even more traditional ones in the villages over weekends. Watch out for the Krampus who accompanies Santa and wrap your hands around a warm mug of Glühwein. If you’re really lucky, the snow will be in time for a white Christmas in the mountains.

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5. Nature and architecture are in harmony

Innsbruck colourful houses is one of the perfect pictures of Austria © Linda de Beer / Travel Tyrol

In Austrian towns and villages, architecture and nature blend together in perfect harmony. Whether it’s this row of colourful houses along the Inn River with the Nordkette Mountains as a backdrop or a centuries-old farmhouse surrounded by Alpine meadows. In Vienna, there’s the Danube and in Salzburg the Salzach. Not to mention all the beautiful palace gardens, such as those at Schönbrunn and Mirabell. These are the pictures of Austria that people remember.

6. Magical mountains in winter

Seefeld in Tirol in winter. © Travel Tyrol / Linda de Beer

Pictures of Austria in winter undoubtedly include some of snow-capped mountains. They are a playground for young and old – whether you’re a beginner or advanced skier, snowboarder or ski tourer. Snowshoe hiking is becoming increasingly popular and tobogganing provides hours of fun. You can also just find yourself a sunny spot above the clouds and enjoy the winter panoramas from the comfort of a lounge chair.

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7. Hiking trails to make you yodel

Hiking pictures of Austria. The wild water trail in the Stubai Alps. © Travel Tyrol / Linda de Beer

Whether you’re 5 or 85 – there’s a hiking trail for you in Austria. From the high Alpine trails to the valleys, no-one has an excuse not to put on their hiking boots and go a wandering. The scenery will make you want to yodel (or otherwise burst out in a Julie Andrews song). The great thing about Austrian hiking trails? Most of them have traditional mountain hut restaurants along the way where you can stop for refreshments. You can even sleep in some of the huts. My best pictures of Austria must include a hiking trail.

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8. Even the cows dress up

Almabtrieb cow © Linda de Beer / Travel Tyrol

Austrian cows who spend the summer months in mountain pastures are welcomed back to their stables for winter in royal fashion. This tradition of making beautiful head-dresses with which the animals are paraded through village streets is meant to give thanks for their safe homecoming. It’s called an Almabtrieb and celebrated throughout Austria but especially in Tyrol.

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9. And make hikes unforgettable

Alpine cow in Austria. © Linda de Beer / Travel Tyrol

I like to call them the ladies of the Alps. You’ll encounter cows on almost every hike in Austria, with the echoing of their bells betraying their presence. They are the real artists making the hills come alive with music. Some ignore you, some come closer to be stroked (proceed at own risk), and others force you to take a detour by blocking the path. The Tyrolean mountains won’t be the same without them. Neither would a compilation of pictures of Austria.

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10. Austria is the perfect backdrop for adventure sports

St. Annakirche Achenkirch

Mountain biking, paragliding, mountain climbing, hiking to summits, freeride skiing or snowboarding. You name it, if there’s an adventure sport, it’s probably practiced in the Austrian Alps. Alone the province of Salzburger Land has an incredible 4,000 km of mountain bike trails for all levels of experience. In Tyrol, you can drive up almost any valley to find paragliding or hang-gliding operators. And with more than 400 ski resorts, there is more than enough choice for freeriders. Additional safety tip when practicing adventure sports in Austria: stop to enjoy the surrounding scenery rather than get distracted while on the move and finding yourself tumbling rather than riding down the mountain.

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I have done some of these. But the dressed up cow surprised me pleasantly. I wish I had seen one during my trip to Hallstatt and Salzburg. Probably a hiking trail would have helped.


I loved Austria and I was there for Christmas 2017 so I know exactly what you mean by each and every statement you have here (I did not see cows dressed up though lol). Not only are the markets absolutely magical, Alpine towns come to life and are gorgeous when they’re snow laden. I did not know the Chinese tried to create a replica of Hallstatt. I don’t think anyone can do another Hallstatt like it is, it’s the most beautiful Alpine town I’ve ever been to.


I’ve been wanting to visit Austria for ages! We are hopefully planning a trip there this summer, so this is perfect to get me dreaming  I would love to go hiking though the trails in Austria, but I’d probably leave the yodeling to a more capable yodeler than myself, lol! Love that head dress on the cow—too hilarious, but I love the meaning behind it as well! Austria definitely looks like a fantastic spot to visit!

Kirstie Saldo

I come from a country who loves Christmas, so Im very excited to go here! The other pictures are just as amazing! Look at that cow!!!


Dressed up cows looks interesting, I would definitely like to see that. I’ve been to Austria but haven’t seen a dressed up cow! Now, more reason to go back

Suruchi Mittal

I really want to do all these. Actually architecture and nature are in perfect harmony. Those hiking trails look thrilling and dressed up cow really amazed me.

Siddhartha Joshi

I took the risk and looked through the images and now I want to go to Austria right away! 🙂 I would certainly pick Salzburg because of Mozart…but then there is so much more to do all across the country too!

Lindsay Nieminen

Ok, Ive got the wanderlust bug! But honestly, Austria has been on my radar for awhile, and I haven’t made it there yet! Your photo of Salzburg from above is gorgeous and yes, the Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music for me! Austria seems like the perfect country for outdoors lovers, and I especially like your point about nature and architecture are in harmony with each other!