Trains to Innsbruck – a complete guide

Getting there from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Vienna and Salzburg

Regular trains to Innsbruck depart from Germany, Italy, Switzerland and other Austrian cities such as Salzburg and Vienna. Innsbruck is centrally located in Europe, making it a railway hub with 450 trains passing through daily.

This guide is an overview of the most popular trains to Innsbruck, how much you can expect to pay, and what the travel times are. It will also tell you everything you need to know about facilities at the Innsbruck train station.

An Austrian Railjet train. © OEBB Christian Auerweck
An Austrian Railjet train. © OEBB Christian Auerweck

Munich to Innsbruck

Many tourists visiting Tyrol fly to Munich and take a train to Innsbruck from there. The train from Munich to Innsbruck can be as fast as 1 hour 44 minutes via Kufstein and Rosenheim. However, there is also a more scenic route from Munich to Innsbruck via Garmisch Partenkirchen and Seefeld in Tirol which takes almost 3 hours.

In total, there are more than 20 possibilities on an average weekday to take a train from Munich to Innsbruck. If you have time, I can highly recommend taking the Munich to Innsbruck scenic train.

Munich to Innsbruck via Kufstein

Fastest train Leaves every 2 hrs at :34
Journey time 1 hr 44 min
Cheapest saver ticket €14,00
Standard (last-minute) ticket €42,40

Note: There are other connections which take a little longer and may require a change. You can also consider interrupting your journey in Kufstein. Visiting the impressive fortress is just one of the things to do in Kufstein that is walking distance from the train station.

Munich Airport to Innsbruck

First leg S8 to Munich East station
Second leg Eurocity from Munich East
Journey time 2 hrs 14 mins
Cheapest saver ticket €14,00
Standard (last-minute) ticket €46,40

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Munich to Innsbruck scenic train via Garmisch Partenkirchen

Direct train Leaves 12:32
Journey time 2 h 48 min
Cheapest saver ticket €14,00
Standard (last-minute) ticket €38,20

Check connections and book your Munich to Innsbruck train here

Vienna to Innsbruck

Vienna main train station. © ÖBB Roman Boensch
Vienna main train station. © ÖBB Roman Boensch

The OBB Railjet travels from Vienna to Innsbruck around 14 times daily. On the way, it stops in St. Pölten, Linz/Donau, Salzburg, Wörgl, Kufstein or Jenbach, depending on which Railjet you are one.

Tip: Keep in mind that Salzburg lies between Vienna and Innsbruck. Therefore, if you want to visit both Salzburg and Innsbruck after Vienna, it makes sense to stop in Salzburg first.

Direct train Leaves every hour at :30
Journey time 4 h 14 min
Cheapest saver ticket €24,00
Standard ticket €70,80
Direct train Leaves 12:32
Journey time 2 h 48 min
Cheapest saver ticket €14,00

Find the best connections and ticket prices on your dates

Salzburg to Innsbruck

Salzburg is a little under two hours away from Innsbruck by train. The train also passes through Germany for a short distance. What I love about leaving or arriving in Salzburg by train are the beautiful views from the train window of the historic centre, with the Salzburg Fortress watching over it.

Salzburg to Innsbruck is an easy day trip. The old towns of both cities are quickly reached on foot from the main train stations. The fast and direct Railjet train stops twice, in Kufstein and in Wörgl.

Direct train Leaves every hour at :56
Journey time 1 hr 48 min
Cheapest saver ticket €14,00
Standard (last-minute) ticket €46,50
Direct train Leaves every hour at :30
Journey time 4 h 14 min
Cheapest saver ticket €24,00

Venice to Innsbruck

The train from Venice to Innsbruck is one of the most scenic and romantic railway journeys in Europe. Travelling through South Tyrol is especially beautiful, with many old castles to be seen from the train window.

There are a few possible connections from Venice to Innsbruck but only one a day that doesn’t require a change. The main stopping points along the way include Verona, Trentino, Bozen, Brixen, and Brenner.

Direct train Leaves Venice Santa Lucia at 13:50
Journey time 4 h 46 min
Cheapest saver ticket €24,00
Standard ticket €57,20

Zurich to Innsbruck

Zurich is another major European city with a direct and fast train connection to Innsbruck. This is also a very beautiful train journey, going through Switzerland and with stunning views of the Austrian Alps in Vorarlberg and Tyrol.

Direct train Leaves every 2 hours at :40
Journey time 3 h 31 min
Cheapest saver ticket €19,00
Standard ticket €72,00

Useful terminology

German English
Hbf = Hauptbahnhof Main train station
Flughafen Airport
Gleis Platform
Zug Train
Ankunft Arrival
Abfahrt Departure

Guide to the Innsbruck train station

The Innsbruck railway station is small compared to that of Munich, Vienna, and Zurich. Even so, around 38,000 people and 450 trains pass through the station daily.

One thing that stands out, is that you have a view of the Nordkette mountain as soon as you step out of the train. In the opposite direction, you can see the Bergisel Olympic ski jump. Yes, you know you are in the Capital of the Alps the moment you set foot on the platform at the Innsbruck train station.

From the platforms, there is a lift or steps and escalators on opposite sides that takes you down to the main Innsbruck railway station building. The ticket offices, a supermarket, MacDonalds, and the toilets are all one floor below ground.

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Buying tickets

If you haven’t conveniently bought your tickets online with Trainline (I’ve tried many train booking platforms and they are by far the most user-friendly for tourists) there are two options for buying them at the Innsbruck train station.

Ticket machines: Tickets for all train journeys within Austria can be bought at 9 ticket machines in the Innsbruck station building.

Ticket office: If you want to book a ticket from Innsbruck to Munich or any other destination outside of Austria, it can be done in the ticket office. The counters are open from 06:30 to 20:45 daily.

Tourist Information

A new tourist information centre opened in the Innsbruck railway station building in 2019. It shares a space with the Info Point of the ÖBB and you can buy anything from the Innsbruck Card to tickets to international sporting events here.

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 18:00

Tourist Information Innsbruck Railway Station
It’s now easy to get all the information you need for your Innsbruck stay immediately at the train station. © Innsbruck Tourism / Philipp Jochum

Luggage lockers

There are 120 luggage lockers in the Innsbruck train station. The sizes range from small (43x45x85cm) to jumbo (90x50x85cm). The locker storage costs from €2,00 to €4,50 for 24 hours. You receive a chip as “key” after depositing the money and closing the locker. If you lose your chip, you can ask for your locker to be opened at a fee of €4. The only requirement is that you accurately describe the contents.


Thank goodness, the toilets at the Innsbruck train station were upgraded in 2016. The area is now 3 times larger than before and looks bright and modern. Dads have no excuse to not change their babies’ nappies any longer because both the men’s and women’s washrooms have changing facilities now.

Note: A fee of €0,50 is charged to use the toilet.


Inside the Innsbruck train station. © OEBB Robert Deopito
Inside the Innsbruck train station. ©OEBB Robert Deopito

A supermarket, a florist, bakeries, and bookshops count among the shops at the Innsbruck Train station. The MPreis supermarket behind the escalator near the exit to the underground parking is always busy. Even more so on Sundays and public holidays when it’s the only proper supermarket which opens all day. It’s open daily from 06:00 to 21:00.

The Baguette bakery is attached to the MPreis. The Bäcker Ruetz, another popular bakery, is on the ground floor closest to the platforms.

Other useful shops at the Innsbruck train station include a chemist, two Trafiks (that sell cigarettes), and a bookstore. Click here to find a full list and their opening times.

Eating and drinking

Options for eating and drinking at the Innsbruck train station vary from sit-down cafés to take-aways. Popular take-away options are McDonald’s, Le Crobag, and the two bakeries, Baguette and Bäcker Ruetz. For some traditional Tyrolean bacon and sausages, try Handl Tyrol.

Waiting room

The public waiting room at the Innsbruck train station is next to the Information Centre (Infopoint). It is also newly renovated and enlarged, with more than 30 seats and a children’s corner. There are electronic arrivals and departures boards to make sure you don’t miss your train.

Passengers with 1st class tickets can wait in the 1st class lounge next to the public waiting room.


Up to 200 cars can park in the underground parking garage at the Innsbruck train station. There are also 5 „kiss and ride“ parking spots for up to 15 minutes free parking. Normal parking costs €1,40 per started half hour.

Cheaper long-term parking options are available. For example, a 3-day ticket costs €38 and a 7-day ticket €76. With these tickets, you can come and go as often as you like within the timeframe.

Did you know you can be on the ski slopes of the Stubai Valley within 30 minutes from leaving the Innsbruck train station? Read my comprehensive guide to the Stubai Glacier ski resort here.


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