Popular Train Connections from Innsbruck

Connections to Vienna, Germany, Switzerland and Italy

Thanks to its central location, train connections from Innsbruck reach Germany, Switzerland, Italy and the Austrian capital Vienna reach their destinations in no time. Here are the most popular connections taking you across Europe in the comfort of a railway coach.

Innsbruck – Vienna:

One of the most frequent train connections from Innsbruck, the ÖBB Railjet travels between Vienna and Innsbruck 14 x daily, with the fastest connection taking only 4 hours 13 minutes. The earliest Railjet leaves Innsbruck after 06:00 and the last one around 20:17, with hourly connections in between. In the other direction, the first Railjet from Vienna to Innsbruck leaves at 05:30 and the last at 19:30, also at hourly intervals in between. Standard second class tickets cost around €70,80. This train also stops in Salzburg and Lienz if you want to include these two cities in your itinerary.

Innsbruck – Munich:

There are two railway routes to choose from when travelling between Innsbruck and the Bavarian capital. If you are in a hurry to catch a flight or another train, the fast connection with Eurocity down the Inn Valley via Kufstein and Rosenheim is your best bet. It travels to Munich main train station 7 x daily in as little as 1 hour 44 minutes, with the first one leaving at 07:17 and the last one at 20:40.  The standard second class ticket costs €42,40. To get to Munich Airport in 2 hours and 15 minutes from Innsbruck, you need to get off at Munich East and take the S8 from there. It costs an extra €4,00.

The second, albeit slower, but more scenic railway route between Innsbruck and Munich departs in the opposite direction and makes its way over the mountain to Seefeld in Tirol and Garmish Partenkirchen, where you sometimes must change trains. The train stops up to 13 times along the way –  perfect if you have lots of time to take in some last Alpine scenery before you hit the beer halls of Munich. The journey lasts about 2 hours 48 minutes in total. While the standard second class price is almost €40, it is possible to complete this journey for only €9 if you are lucky enough to get the Sparschiene price.

From Munich you can easily travel to other German destinations such as Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Stuttgart without having to change again.

Trains from Innsbruck: A Railjet from the Austrian Railways gets ready to leave.
A Railjet train from the Austrian Railways gets ready to leave the Innsbruck main station.

Innsbruck – Zurich:

There is a direct connection between Innsbruck and Zurich with Eurocity or the ÖBB Railjet as many as 7 x daily. The train travels up the Inn Valley and through the Austrian province of Vorarlberg before it crosses the border into Switzerland. The journey lasts 3 hours 32 minutes. Standard second class tickets cost €72,00.  From Zurich you can catch a next train to Geneva, Paris or Amsterdam.

Innsbruck – Verona/Venice:

Imagine stepping off the train at Venice’s Santa Lucia train station and into a waterbus on the Grand Canal in under 5 hours after leaving Innsbruck. Described as one of the most beautiful rail journeys in Europe, the train crosses into Italy over the Brenner pass and winds its way past centuries-old castles in South Tyrol before reaching Verona after about 3 and a half hours. If you want to, you can interrupt your journey here to see the balcony where Romeo kissed Juliet. From Verona, it only takes about an hour to get to Venice.

There is one direct Eurocity connection between Innsbruck and Venice per day, leaving at 13:24. The standard second class ticket costs €57,20 if you book with the ÖBB.

Insider Tips:

  • When crossing the border into another country, always get prices from all the applicable railways. Sometimes there is a considerable difference.
  • Although I mostly quoted standard second class ticket prices from the ÖBB, it’s possible to travel a lot cheaper. Read my tips for finding the cheapest train tickets.
  • The weekend train schedules may differ from the weekday schedules.





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